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Meditating is something which is growing in popularity and with good reason. One of the biggest health hazards recognized by the medical profession today is stress as it is people that are overstressed that become ill with other disorders or illnesses. The relief of stress is therefore important in our busy lives today.

Meditation has been proven to relax the mind allowing it to think un-clustered with worries and troubles. The effects of meditation do not only last whilst a person is actually meditating as the effects last far longer than that and it is believed that just a 15-minute meditation in the morning can relax someone’s mind for the whole day. Even with today’s busy lifestyles most of us could manage to put 15 minutes aside to meditate but the problem is that meditation has perhaps been misinterpreted by many so people think that meditation has to take place for hours upon hours in order to yield results.

It is true that some people opt to meditate many hours per day but that is exactly that; they opt to, they do not have to. Obviously, the relaxing feeling of your mind being free from stress is compelling but for most of us, just a more relaxed feeling all day will suffice, allowing us to get on with our daily routines without the stress building up inside us. Even those people that claim a 15-minute meditation may not last all day, admit that it would only take a couple of 2-minute meditations extra each day to keep the mind relaxed for 24 hours. These 2-minute meditations can take place whilst waiting to go into a meeting, whilst waiting for a bus or train or even on the bus or train and so no time really has to be set aside for them.

This is all possible of course due to the fact that meditation requires no special skills or specialized equipment, just you and your willingness to meditate. All you need do is sit down and keep your back straight. Start by trying to clear your mind by taking a few deep breaths. It is from here where meditation techniques differ as some claim that thinking of two words is necessary and thinking of one word as you breathe in and the second as you breathe out. Others claim that the best technique is not to think of words at all but instead just imagine the passage of the breath into the mouth or nose and down through the body and then think of its upward journey out of the body during the exhale.

It does not really matter which one you use and so just use the technique which seems easiest or works best for you. The concentration of your mind on either the two words or the journey of the breath is supposed to occupy your mind so that it does not think of your worries and it is that which brings you relaxation and peace of mind.

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